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We invite you to experience the mission of Broward Health Medical Center...to provide all the people of Broward County with the best possible medical care.

This pledge is delivered through our commitment to clinical excellence, technical innovation and outstanding patient care in our centers of excellence: The Heart Center of Excellence, the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Orthopedic Center of Excellence, as well as our Level 1 Trauma Center and the Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital Broward HealthBroward Health Medical Center, the flagship hospital of Broward Health, has been providing healthcare to the community since 1938 and have expanded its services to meet the growing demand of the county and city. 

The Office of Graduate Medical Education 

The Broward Health Office of Graduate Medical Education exists to provide the central administrative services to support all of our residency training programs, faculty, residents, and students. The Office of GME is responsible for accreditation support for the institution and for the training programs. This includes ensuring compliance with ACGME Institutional and Program requirements, AOA Institutional and Program requirements, and CODA Program requirements.

Krystal Rajkumar, MHA serves as the Director of Graduate Medical Education for Broward Health.

The GMEC is a subcommittee of the Medical Staff and maintains active oversight of graduate medical education by reviewing and approving education policy, monitoring the clinical learning environment, reviewing and approving all educational training sties, and reviewing program accreditation status. 

The Educational Program 

At Broward Health, we strive to provide a supportive, yet academically challenging educational environment. Our goal is to provide the clinical learning environment in which residents and fellows can develop the knowledge, skills attitudes, and values that will serve as their basis for competent and compassionate clinical practice, scholarly inquiry, and continued service to the community. 
Residents are encouraged to develop a process for self-evaluation and reflection that will sustain a lifetime of responsible and committed practice of medicine. The educational program prepares residents to participate in their own education and to teach their patients, peers, and other learners throughout their careers. We are committed to ensuring that our graduates understand the scientific basis of medicine and apply that knowledge daily to their clinical practice. Resident physicians will be exposed to evidence-based practice and the latest in medical technology.

How do I Become a Resident at Broward Health?

The Office of Graduate Medical Education at Broward Health is dedicated to recruiting highly qualified residents and fellows for all of our training programs.

At Broward Health, we value residents with the following characteristics and qualities:

  • Excellence in patient care
  • Dedication to lifelong learning
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Commitment to the success of the team
  • Empathy and compassion for others
  • Passion for service to those in need

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