Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship

To mentor and train future cardiovascular medicine physicians into becoming humanistic and knowledgeable caregivers by teaching all aspects of cardiovascular medicine, from theory to bedside practice.

Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship

To mentor and train future cardiovascular medicine physicians into becoming humanistic and knowledgeable caregivers by teaching all aspects of cardiovascular medicine, from theory to bedside practice.


Arnoux Blanchard, MD


Natasha Lemonier


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Welcome from the Program

With delight and great joy, we open our doors to you expecting that your time at Broward Health
leads to the fulfillment of your most cherished dreams. Cardiology is us: we think, speak, write, read, teach and practice it. Over everything, we desire your professional journey to be successful. May your learning experience be highly productive, excellent in every aspect of the fellowship program.

Welcome to Broward Health Cardiology Fellowship Program!
This program is well known and very coveted for the following beacons it offers:
Access to a very diverse community which is composed of a great mix of ethnic and cultural entities from southern Florida, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Northern US, Canada and worldwide seasonal tourists. Opportunities to hone your clinical skills are endless, provided by the multiplicity of cases seen in the surrounding communities. The environment is conducive for every fellow to reach his or her full potential; excellently structured rounds, relevant conferences, regular presentation of research papers, clinical trials guided by vast experience of faculties and more. Our practice is patient centered. Integrity forms the foundation of our trademark. We pride ourselves in our respect for the sanctity of human life. Our graduating fellows exhibit a caring and comforting attitude toward the patients. The love for learning doesn't stop upon completion of the fellowship program but rather lead to the commitment of a lifetime experience of learning, teaching and advocating for their communities and the advancement of the medical science.

Arnoux Blanchard MD Program Director

Ahmed Osman MD Associate Program Director

Violet McCormack MD Associate Program Director

About the Program

This is a cardiology fellowship program in sunny South Florida in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are a 716 bed hospital and one of the 10 largest public hospital systems in the United States.

 This hospital is located :

- Minutes from the beach and the Atlantic Ocean

- 30 minutes from Miami

- 3 hours from Disney World

- 3 hours from the Florida Keys

- 1 Hour from the Everglades

Some of Fort Lauderdale's Features :

- Venice of America

- Cruise ship and yacht capital of the world

- Spends majority of the year in 75 degree sunny weather

- Vast assortment of culture experiences and cuisines


Cardiology Program Highlights

  • Excellent mentorship
  • Education resources also include a 3 year subscription to ACCSAP
  • Diversity of patients and pathology
  • Multiple research opportunities
  • Hands on echocardiography training (with point of care ultrasound devices, a transthoracic simulator, and a trans-esophageal simulator)
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration to provide outstanding patient care
  • High volume procedural cardiology fellowship which can allow you to graduate as an invasive cardiologist
  • Comprehensive lecture series and didactics


Comprehensive Lecture Series is currently WebEx Based.  

General Cardiology Conference

Cardiac Catheterization Conference

EKG Conference

Echocardiography Conference

Board Review

Back to Bedside Conference

Journal Club 

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Training Blocks and Sites

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Following are detailed descriptions of the rotation for each post-graduate year of training in the Cardiovascular disease program.

Rotation Descriptions 


Clinical Cardiology Rotation 

The general cardiology rotation is the rotation where the fellows spend the majority of their time with direct patient interaction and serves as the cornerstone of developing the fellows clinical general cardiology knowledge and application of such skills in clinical practice. Fellows will receive a broad introduction to the evaluation and management of a wide variety of diseases related to vast field of cardiology and often follow patients from admission to discharge. This broad rotation allows fellows to incorporate knowledge from common inpatient cardiac consultations to more advanced heart failure, coronary, pericardial, electrical, and valvular heart diseases. 


Cardiac Catheterization Rotation 

The cardiac catheterization rotation is an intensive rotation where cardiology fellows spend their time exclusively doing continual cardiac catheterizations. This is a crucial rotation to understand the procedural component in the field of cardiology and to train incoming fellows on the many procedural aspects of cardiology. Core concepts taught are the indications for cardiac catheterization, mastering vascular access, manipulation of intra-cardiac catheters, guide wires, and sheaths, and learning the basics of coronary artery anatomy and angioplasties, pericardiocentesis, intra-aortic balloon pumps, and trans-venous pacing.   


Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Rotation

The Cardiac Care Units encompass 16 CVICU beds and 8 CCU beds. It is a high energy environment where the fellow will provide cardiac care for the most critical patients who require intensive care. We often work directly in conjunction with the critical care team and the cardiothoracic surgical team to manage their post-operative open-heart patients. This provides the experience needed to further your training in the critical aspects of Cardiology. Here, you will learn understanding of advanced hemodynamics, manage left ventricular assist devices, and learn to manage open-heart patients.

Heart Failure Rotation

The Heart Failure Rotation is a rotation for the second and third year fellows where they will spend their time split between Broward Health Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic. The month spent in Cleveland Clinic focuses on advanced heart failure, interpretation of hemodynamics, management of mechanical circulatory support, and cardiac transplantation. The fellows will also spend their time at the main hospital, Broward Health Medical Center, where the fellows will rotate on a heart failure rotation, and see early to late stage heart failure.


Electrophysiology Rotation

Fellows have the opportunity to interact with the Electrophysiology attendings evaluating patients in the inpatient and outpatient setting. They also participate on daily rounds and prepare weekly conferences. BHMC provides various types of advanced mapping and ablation techniques such as radiofrequency and cryo-ablation. Furthermore, comprehensive Electrophysiology procedures including EP diagnostic study, ablation of both supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias, placement of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators, permanent pacemakers, Watchman left atrial appendage occluders, and cardiac resynchronization devices.


Nuclear Cardiology Rotation

Nuclear medicine clinical training is designed to help fellows become an independent practioner of cardiac nuclear medicine. Training is hands on clinical nuclear medicine working with attending physicians and technologists at BHMC. Fellows are expected to be in charge of the stress lab and often participate in procedures such as exercise treadmill test, MUGA scans, coronary CTAs, and exercise and pharmacologic dobutamine stress echocardiography.  



Welcome to Broward Health Medical Center

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Meet our Fellows

Meet our fellows from across the country and abroad, representing the diverse culture of South Florida. Broward Health takes pride in its training programs with broad perspectives that enrich the fellows learning experience.