Family Medicine Residency

Our Family Medicine Residency Program is committed to train residents to practice quality healthcare in a rapidly changing world.

Family Medicine Residency

Our Family Medicine Residency Program is committed to train residents to practice quality healthcare in a rapidly changing world.


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Welcome from the Program Director


We appreciate your interest in our program. The Broward Health Family Medicine Residency is ideal for an individual seeking a robust training in both inpatient and outpatient medicine. Our program is intellectually stimulating and provides a diverse patient population with extensive pathology. Residents provide care to patients from various socioeconomic status, immigrants from different countries, and provide care to residents from across the nation – giving the term global medicine a new meaning. Our hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Center and provides an opportunity for the residents to be involved in a variety of medical problems and clinical disease states. To enhance their training, our residents work collaboratively to create a rich and well-rounded learning environment. The residents are organized into mentor groups. They have regularly scheduled didactics and are routinely involved in patient improvement projects. The residents are also involved in community service projects throughout our local community. 

Our Family Medicine Residency Program is committed to train residents to practice quality healthcare in a rapidly changing world. In an effort to achieve this goal, we emphasize the fundamental skills of primary care while at the same time providing the flexibility within the program to allow residents to select rotations that are in line with their focused interests. As a result, graduates from our program ultimately end up practicing in a variety of clinical settings after their training. Applicants interested in choosing to become a part of the Broward Health Family, will find a healthy learning environment for residency training. 


About the Program

The Broward Health/Nova Southeastern University Family Medicine Residency program is committed to producing outstanding primary care physicians who are skillfully trained to provide the highest quality of patient care. The goal of our program is to produce knowledgeable family practice physicians who are capable of providing efficient, compassionate, comprehensive, and culturally competent health care.

The Broward Health/NSU Family Medicine Residency Program emphasizes the life-long learning of interpersonal and professional skills, and good doctor-patient relationships. This program challenges each resident with the responsibility of managing a large, diverse in-patient and out-patient population, including a full spectrum of clinical disease states. Under the guidance of experienced and highly trained physicians, the residents’ fund of knowledge is enhanced and cultivated by exposure to diverse pathology, the latest in technology, and plenty of “hands on” experience. Graduates of this program are qualified to meet the health care challenges of the 21st century and are prepared for a family medicine practice in virtually any clinical setting of their choice.

Program Highlights

During the Family Medicine Residency Program, the trainee will be required to:

• Demonstrate commitment to acquiring the knowledge needed to care for patients.
• Perform the initial assessment of the patient and actively participate in all aspects of patient care, including history and physical, diagnostic and therapeutic planning, procedures, writing orders, and interactions with family members.
• Provide education to patients and family members regarding diagnosis, treatment, expected outcomes, and health maintenance.
• Consults with other clinical professionals to assure a multi-disciplinary plan of care.
• Interpret x-rays, films, reports, and laboratory work on their patients.
• Provide competent, efficient, and compassionate care that promotes preventive health.
• Demonstrate an ability to investigate patient care outcomes and continuously self-evaluate to improve quality of care provided.
• Provide quality care while taking into consideration cost and resources available.
• Communicate effectively with physicians, other health care professionals and health related agencies
• Identify personal learning needs, and plan for continued acquisition of knowledge and skill.
• Develop the skills to facilitate the learning of others
• Demonstrate scholarly enrichment by participating in patient improvement projects and research


Training Blocks and Sites

View Training Blocks and Sites

Following are detailed descriptions of the rotations for each post-graduate year of training in the family medicine residency program.

Rotation Descriptions

 Family Medicine Inpatient

The FM inpatient service provides care for patients from the Sanford L. Ziff Clinic and local Broward community who require hospitalization. This service is composed of two first-year residents and two senior residents who are supervised by Family Medicine and Internal Medicine attendings. While on FM inpatient service, residents participate in morning report, noon-time didactics and interact with a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare providers. This service provides an opportunity for residents to care for a diverse patient population with a wide array of medical conditions.  With the team structure residents develop leadership skills, gain confidence in patient care management and have the opportunity to teach medical students.


Family Medicine Ambulatory Care Clinic

The NSU Sanford L. Ziff Clinic is the ambulatory site for the residents’ continuity of care experience. The residents longitudinally provide preventive care, primary acute and chronic care, with gradual autonomy under the supervision of a group of well-trained family physicians. The residents provide care to patients who are diverse in age, ethnicity, and pathology. Over the 3-year period residents build their confidence and develop great doctor-patient relationships.


Community Health

Residents work with underserved minority populations in one of the BH affiliated community based health care clinics.  This rotation which serves a predominately Hispanic population allows residents a unique perspective into the health care needs of local immigrants and resources available to those in our community. They are able to enhance their primary care disease management skills in this outpatient setting while also obtaining cultural competency skills.



During this month, residents work with a cardiology group to provide inpatient cardiac care. They are responsible for cardiac consults, orders, and medical management. This includes management of arrhythmias, acute myocardial infarction, pulmonary edema, code situations, hypotension, and complications of anticoagulation/thrombolytic therapy.



Residents work with the BHMC Dermatology residency service in their outpatient clinics. This rotation allows residents to strengthen their confidence and skills in diagnosing and managing a variety of skin conditions. They also obtain experience performing skin biopsies, cryotherapy, and other dermatologic procedures.


Emergency Medicine

Our EM department at BHMC is a Level 1 Trauma Center and exposes our residents to large volume and exposure to emergency situations in all levels of acuity. The residents gain an exciting hands-on opportunity to care for adults and pediatric patients.  With BHMC being a safety net hospital, residents are exposed to a fast paced environment with a variety of medical conditions, levels of acuity, opportunity to be involved in procedures, as well as contributing to patient and family care needs.



General Surgery

Residents on the general surgery rotations work with a private surgical group of physicians, at Coral Springs Medical Center. They provide care to patients both in the inpatient and outpatient setting. The residents learn common surgical procedures, indications for referral, perioperative, and postoperative management.



During the geriatric rotation, the residents have the opportunity to work with several Family Medicine and Internal Medicine faculty who specialize in the care of geriatric patients. While on this rotation, residents work in the outpatient setting, providing primary care in the geriatric clinic at Nova Southeastern University, They also have the opportunity to see patients in a local assisted living facility and long-term care center.


Inpatient Pediatrics

Residents work with the Pediatrics Department at the Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital to develop skills to care for acutely ill children in a hospital setting. On this rotation they participate in daily morning report and teaching rounds, where cases are discussed in entirety to provide complete medical care to Broward Health’s youngest patients.  During their 3 years at Broward, they also have an opportunity to master their skills in the care of healthy newborn infants in the new born nursery.


Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

Residents care for patients who are admitted directly to the ICU from the ER, hospital inpatient teams and/or outside transfers from other hospitals. Residents learn ventilator management, ICU medications, critical care procedures, and have the opportunity to manage severely ill patients.


Obstetrics and Gynecology

On this rotation, residents work closely with board certified OB/GYN physicians in the inpatient and outpatient settings. Residents are exposed to the full scope of OB/GYN. The residents work in the GYN clinic learning how to manage general GYN complaints and have a chance to participate in various GYN procedures. They work closely with the OB/GYN Attending’s to learn about prenatal and postpartum care, and learn to triage and manage high-risk patients.  The residents gain experience caring for laboring mothers, performing deliveries and assisting in OB/GYN surgeries.

Orthopedics/Sports Medicine

During these rotations residents are exposed to common musculoskeletal conditions that are seen in the outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine clinics.  This rotation helps residents gain confidence in performing musculoskeletal examinations, sports physicals, and injections. Residents work at NSU/COM Sports Medicine Clinic and with a local orthopedic specialist. On this rotation, residents have opportunity provide care to the NSU athletic team, perform procedures and participate on orthopedic surgeries.


Surgical Subspecialties

Over a 3-year period, residents spend a 4 week block in each of the required outpatient surgical clinics, which include urology, ENT, and ophthalmology.



These rotations allow residents the flexibility of choosing rotations that will enhance their medical training and strengthen their skills as they pursue their own professional interests. Residents can choose from established electives, or work with the program director to seek an elective in their own area of interest.


Internal Medicine Inpatient

On this rotation FM Interns work as part of a group on the IM inpatient service.   Interns are responsible for admitting patients through the BHMC ER when their service is on call. As part of the IM team FM Interns are responsible for managing the patient from admission to discharge under the supervision of the Senior IM Resident and IM Attending’s.  The structure of the IM service allows Interns to gain experience managing complex patients of diverse background with a variety of medical conditions. This exposure gives our interns a strong foundation in inpatient care and helps build their confidence as a healthcare professional.


Selective Medicine

For these rotations, residents select from a list of Medicine services offered throughout BHMC. The medicine selection list includes; Allergy & Immunology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Hematology, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Neurology, Oncology, Pulmonology and Rheumatology.



Residents spend 4 weeks during the first year on this inpatient psychiatry rotation, learning to evaluate, triage, and manage various mental health conditions. They evaluate patients through the ER as well as patients that are voluntary and involuntarily admitted directly to the psychiatry department inpatient service.

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Meet our Residents

Meet our residents from across the country and abroad, representing the diverse culture of South Florida. Broward Health takes pride in its training programs with broad perspectives that enrich the residents' learning experience. 

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