For Students

For Students

Visiting Medical Students

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in pursuing an elective at Broward Health!

Broward Heath GME is proud to offer elective rotations for 4th year Medical Students and provide them with the opportunity to rotate through our hospital, in one of our superb training programs.

To be reviewed for a visiting student elective and maximize your opportunity for a spot, please follow the instructions below. All acceptance decisions are made by the program. Please contact the program for availability. Program contact information and elective information can be found by selecting the program link below.

Elective Request Process

Affiliation Agreements

All graduate medical education elective rotations at Broward Health must have the appropriate affiliation agreements in place with Medical Schools for medical students to be permitted to participate. The agreements must be processed through the Broward Health Office of Graduate Medical Education and approved by the Designated Institutional Official.

Pre -Acceptance Required Documents

Please submit the following documents to the program you wish to rotate with at least 120 days prior to your desired rotation date.

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Medical School Unofficial Transcript
  • USMLE / COMLEX Board Scores
  • Desired Rotation Dates

Post Acceptance Requirements

Students that are approved for an elective at Broward Health will receive a link from New Innovations with a checklist of items that must be submitted prior to the beginning of the approved rotation.

The items requested below must be upload to New Innovations using the proper naming convention. Please note: All documents must be submitted in PDF Format.

  • Broward Health Student Application – Part I must be completed by the Student. Part II must be completed by the Student’s school.
  • Broward Health Badge Request Form 
  • SSN Card
  • Driver’s License / State Identification
  • Immunization Records – The Broward Health Immunization form must be completed and signed by a Health Care Professional.
  • TB Skin Test – Must be completed within the last 12 months and cover the period of the clinical assignment. (This may be part of your immunization record.)
  • Flu Consent and Declination Form – Must be completed if your rotation will be between the months of October – March.
  • Background Check  (Level 1)
    • Provide an Attestation Letter – If the background check at your home school meets the search criteria, your home school must verify completion of the background check and provide an attestation letter that the background check included the search criteria above.
    • Complete a Background Check (completed at least five business days prior to the elective start date) – If your background check did not meet the search criteria or you have not completed a background check, you must complete one.
  • Drug Testing – Must meet the minimum standard drug screen panel. The minimum standard drug screen panel is a 5 Panel.
    • Provide an Attestation Letter – If your drug testing at your home school meets the minimum standards, they must provide an attestation letter that the drug testing met the minimum standards. 
  • BLS Certification – Must be completed within 12 months of the requested elective start date and verified by your home school.
  • Health Insurance Coverage – Must be covered by a health insurance plan, provide proof of coverage, and be verified by your home school.
  • Emergency Contact Information Form
  • Parking Acknowledgment Form – Students must park in the BH Student designated areas and sign an attestation form.
  • Malpractice Insurance Coverage – Must be provided by your university and be current.
  • Personal Photograph - A JPG personal photo for the Student BH ID Badge.
  • Background Exclusion Screening Form
  • HCAPS Expectation Form
  • Confidentiality and Data Security Agreement
  • Statement of Responsibility  – Must be signed by the student and a witness. 
  • Letter of Good standing – A letter of good standing must be provided by your university. You must be in “Good Standing” at your home institution to be considered for a rotation.
  • Medical Student Supervision Grid Attestation – Must be reviewed and an attestation must be completed.
  • Medical Student Elective Rotation Date Requests – Must submit your preferred elective rotation date and two alternative dates.
  • Broward Health Orientation – Must be completed within 12 months of the requested elective start date. Please visit Go to Tab titled: Student, Interns & Instructors. Complete each required module, save the completion certificate and upload to your New Innovations checklist.